There are many ways to collect and import phone numbers to your Roezan account.

Warning: You cannot just import a bunch of old clients - they must explicitly consent to receive SMS from you.

Here are some ways to collect & import numbers: 

1) Via Zapier

This is the most popular and easiest method. With Zapier you can connect Roezan to almost any application and pass user contacts.

For example, if you're using Clickfunnels to collect contact information for a webinar signup, you can connect CF & Roezan via Zapier.

Here is a video of how it works:

2) Via Active Campaign Automation

We have a native integration with Active Campaign and you can pass contact information to Roezan via automation.

Here is a video tutorial:


3) Via Keyword

You can tell users to send a text message with a specific keyword to your phone number and have them opt-in.

For example "Text Fun to 1-888-888-8888 to subscribe"

From there, you can have Roezan automatically add these contacts to a list, apply a tag, send an auto-reply, and more.

Learn about keywords here.

4) Bulk Import Via Spreadsheet

You can bulk import contacts via spreadsheet on the contacts page:

Please note that you must have explicit written consent to send SMS to numbers that you're planning to import.

5) Via Integration

You can use our integration to send contacts to Roezan: